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About the Childhood Asthma Campaign

In January of 2017, we began our work on the topic of childhood asthma using the Boot Camp Translation (BCT) method. The Asthma BCT Community Advisory Council (CAC) developed a health communication campaign promoting the use of an evidence-based asthma action plan (AAP). This followed a series of presentations on the medical and public health aspects of asthma, as well as group activities and facilitated discussions

The campaign’s primary target audience consisted of parents and guardians of children with asthma in West Louisville. The key message, which also reflected the campaign’s goal is: “Every child with asthma needs an Asthma Action Plan.” The call to action encouraged the target audience to ask their health care provider to create their personalized AAP. Four distinct poster designs featured the campaign messages, stock photographs, general information on asthma, and a call to action. These posters were disseminated at publicly accessible locations in West Louisville and on various social media outlets.

Additionally, the CAC reached out to ask local health care providers serving WL residents to incorporate the AAP into their routine clinical practice. To facilitate this process, an incentive – children’s books – were provided to our practice partners. Over 1,000 culturally affirming books will be distributed to children in West Louisville through this initiative.

The campaign ran from April 1-May 31, 2018, aligning with Allergy Season.

Community Partners

Funding Source: Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence

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