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We wish to thank our funders, who make this work possible: Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence, KentuckyOne Health, National Association of Catholic Chaplains and Association of Professional Chaplains through the Center for Health Organization Transformation, JustFundKY, and the Cooperative Consortium of Transdisciplinary Social Justice Research.

We would also like to thank Dr. Monica Wendel, Director of the Commonwealth Institute of Kentucky (CIK) and Associate Dean of Public Health Practice at the UofL School of Public Health & Information Sciences (SPHIS) and Chair of the Department of Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences, for her leadership, vision, and assistance in creating space for our community work. Dr. Wendel is a valued mentor and trusted adviser to our team.

Thank you to Dean Craig Blakely at SPHIS for his commitment to community engagement and to reducing health disparities in Louisville and beyond, Paige Wills and Melissa Schreck for their assistance with creating this website and launching our health communication campaigns, and the business team at CIK, Sherry Duffy and Noemi Stanev, for their support in helping ensure our projects run smoothly.

A huge thank you to Kathy Harrison Turner and Danielle Waninger at the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness. Their expertise has helped transform the community’s vision into reality through Kathy’s great suggestions for compelling messaging and Danielle’s beautiful designs.

Finally we thank all of our community partners for their time, energy, ideas, and commitment to health equity.

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